WELCOME TO ANDROMEDA ------------------------ drag * drop * stream INTRODUCTION ------------------------ Thanks for your interest in Andromeda! Andromeda makes it easy to play music over your home LAN, corporate intranet, or the Web. A single PHP or ASP script turns your collection of files into a complete, sophisticated, streaming web site. For your reference, the Andromeda home page is: > http://www.turnstyle.com/andromeda DOWNLOAD CONTENTS ------------------------ In this package, you should find: * Default.asp * License.txt * Readme.txt GETTING STARTED ------------------------ To get up to speed with Andromeda, we highly recommend following the steps in the Getting Started guide: > http://www.turnstyle.com/andromeda/gettingstarted.asp **NOTE** the evaluation version of Andromeda is fully featured, however it displays every other file (1,3,5,7,...) when you purchase your copy of Andromeda, you'll get all your files (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,...). **IMPORTANT** Don't edit your main Andromeda script file -- instead, create a simple 'prefs' file. See Getting Started, and more info here: > http://www.turnstyle.com/andromeda/preferences.asp THE SPOTLIGHT ------------------------ For some examples of Andromeda in action, be sure to check out the Spotlight: > http://www.turnstyle.com/andromeda/spotlight.asp If you want your site added to the Spotlight, send an email to: > spotlight@turnstyle.com TECH SUPPORT ------------------------ Having trouble? First check out the support section of the Andromeda site and especially the Getting Started guide. If you're still having trouble, send an email with the following information: * A description of the problem * What version of Andromeda you're running * What OS/Web server/browser/player you're using * A copy of your prefs file as an attachment * The URL to your Andromeda site > info@turnstyle.com LICENSE AGREEMENT ------------------------ You'll find a full copy of the License Agreement in License.txt and also embedded in the Andromeda script file. We've tried to make the license as reasonable as possible, in a nutshell it says: don't edit the code, don't copy the code (in whole or in part). Additionally, the demo script is for non-commercial, evaluation purposes only, and for a limited evaluation period (one month). If you have any questions, just let us know. PURCHASING ANDROMEDA ------------------------ When you purchase, just replace the evaluation script with the full version. If you set up Andromeda prefs and skin files, they'll automatically be used (as will any other files). Additionally, you'll have access to two new preferences: hideMetasearch and hidePoweredby. If you leave them on you'll be helping to get the word out, and we certainly appreciate it. Ready to buy? Please visit: > http://www.turnstyle.com/andromeda/purchase.asp Thanks again for taking the time to take Andromeda for a spin. We hope you find it easy to set up, loaded with great features, and just plain cool. -Scott Matthews & the Andromeda crew